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Founded in 2004, Valosphere Environment was originally a company specialized in soil transportation. Our know-how and our expertise were at the rendezvous thanks to our outstanding customer service and our high level of satisfaction. Our positioning allowed us to acquire several additional equipments to meet the demand.

Residual Waste Recovery | Valosphere Environment

We have grown steadily organically by bidding on and winning numerous contracts. Over the years, the Valosphere Environnement team has developed knowledge and expertise in several important market segments and is now considered the reference in the Greater Montreal area.

As an essential supplier for many major construction and infrastructure projects in the Greater Montreal area, Valosphere Environnement’s role ranges from the transportation of pure soils to the treatment of contaminated soils in accordance with local regulations, as well as the reclamation of concrete and other granular materials for the development of previously contaminated land. As for the transportation of granular materials, Valosphere Environment and its team are always on the lookout for new large residential, commercial and infrastructure projects where a large quantity of materials will have to be transported and disposed of.


Residual Waste Recovery | Valosphere Environment

Valosphere Environment’s mission is to become the undisputed leader in the recovery of granular materials and commercial and industrial construction materials. This position aims to solidify the message of ecoresponsibility that we advocate in order to protect the environment throughout our daily operations.

At the heart of our daily activities, we transform and reuse all residual materials and construction materials to protect the environment. Consequently, our actions lead to the valorization of these recovered materials.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of service, supported by employees with exemplary know-how in the field of materials recovery, who adhere to rigorous occupational health and safety standards in order to carry out all work in an environmentally responsible manner.


Occupational health and safety first.

  • We are your partner of choice, knowing that the health and safety of our employees and environmental responsibility are at the forefront of our service offering in granular materials recovery.
  • We advocate health and safety above all. The protection of our employees on the job site and on the road is just as important as our environmental commitment, which is why we put forward a rigorous management of our corporate responsibility.
  • Our practices, our planning management and certainly our continuous training create a work environment where compliance with regulations and laws in force is not only respected, but is rigorously applied to all our daily activities.
Residual Waste Recovery | Valosphere Environment



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